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When I was 8 years old my Father gave me an old photocopier to pull apart. I became fascinated by the optical components inside. This sparked a keen interest in electronics. I completed an electronics apprenticeship at the Royal Australian Air Force and moved onto my own robotics projects. I used my robots to climb the corporate ladder and get better jobs. I did Thermal Imaging with a Flir T640 and went on to design and build Delta 3D Printers.

I remember looking up at the moon and then looking at it through a telescope! The bright surface detail was amazing. Think about the great expanse between you on earth and the moon… Now imagine you made something and its now traveling to the moon, controlled by you and sending back data and imagery. Now we can do this. The technology is getting better and cheaper. The Science, materials and energy that Space has to offer is becoming more important. As robotics becomes more important in our day to day lives for things like communication, food processing, traveling, medicine and defense we will realize the greatest things we can do are in Space. The beauty of Citizen Space is that you don’t have to go to university or work for a satellite company to be involved in Space Tech. This is why I founded Citizen Space so that you and me can build what we think will be great for Science and the human race in Space!


In 10 years Space will be easily accessed. Your personal robot will fly off to space to carryout tasks in other countries or on another planet. Business and travel will be more global. With the help of robots we will make great breakthroughs in energy and medicine to improve our way of life. We can ride that Technology wave and you can be at the forefront of a large exciting Space Tech Company

Welcome to Space 2.0

Founder Stephen Brinks

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