Frequently Asked Questions

Members post their ideas on the forum. The forum uses a Like voting system. Once the project has been chosen, Members can submit their designs and work together on each part of the project. As Members look at or modify the designs each post attracts likes and comments showing the way to move forward. When the deadline is met the files are completed and sent to partnering manufactures to be made. Once assembled the project will be tested and launched as voted by the Members.

The manufacturing, Testing, Launching and projects results are all videoed and up loaded to YOUTUBE

If the project turns a profit then the profits get given to the participating members. Members have to submit designs and comments on the forum to be classed as a participating member.
Many people are interested in Space Tech but don’t have the time or resources to build or put something into space. By using a crowd source model we are able to put our resources together to build what you want the way you want. The best part about this is that we have many minds working on the project. The ideas and designs get checked by all members acting like a filter so that if something is not going to work or can be done better than it will get updated. Its like a huge engineering team ensuring success!
Anyone interested in Space and Technology should become a member. If you do Rocketry, Electronics, Science or other Electrical/Mechanical work then this Agency will be great for you! If you are at school or university even if you are not skilled in any of the above areas Citizen Space would still benefit from your input. Anyone looking to invest in Space Tech should also become a member.
Memberships can be purchased from this website on 1/1/2020 at the price of $100

The membership is for 12 months and gives you:
  • The ability to make something and put it into Space!
  • Controlling stake in a growing Space Agency
  • Forum Access
  • Access to Designs, Plans, Exclusive Video and Photography Content
  • Invitations to events and project launches
  • Opportunity to profit from projects
  • Certificates of participation (for your resume)
  • Technical Profile and Star Rating System
  • Global Connection to make friends and business contacts.
Members make decision by a voting system. The voting system is used by liking posts on the Citizen Space Forum. The posts and number of likes show what the members want and agree on.
Citizen Space uses funds from memberships, grants, sponsors and advertising to build project budgets.
Yes. Space access is the main goal of this agency. Projects can be sent to space on other companies rockets or members may choose to build their own large hybrid rocket to reach space as one of our projects.
Any intellectual property generated by the project is owned by the members. Members will decide if the IP can be shared or sold if the opportunity arises.